Life continues

The simpliest words are sometimes the hardest to understand. If you are here, you still enjoy the state of being alive. And maybe it’s the opposite: You hate it. You hate it so much that you are about to get rid of everything making you angry.

Actually, every individual unconsciously determines what “life” means to them. We should be free to decide what is going to be a part of our lives. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible. As children we learnt to be obedient but it’s not the right way to be. Our parents, relatives should have been good mentors, not handlers. We should have been free to express our emotions: happiness and distress. We should have been able to lean on them.

Whatever happened in your life, Dear Reader, I am sure, you could point at least a few persons and/ or things valuable to you. Let me name two important to me:

Wind – because it’s wild and free. It has no boundaries and makes people feel uncomfortable. And me? It gives me strength, that’s why I do like it so much.

Music – because it’s like a language of my soul. There is no moment in my life that couldn’t be accompanied by a song. It’s about good vibes and joy, sorrow and recovery.

Do you remember Des’ree? Here is a beautiful song from her. Focussing on positive sides of your Life, stay tuned. Alive

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